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Pic Felix Michl

Felix Michl

Chief Executive Officer
Short Profile

Felix was co-founder and managing director of an aerospace deep tech startup and made his first successful exit. He is a rocket scientist, gained precious experience in the AME industry and came up with the idea of founding additive electronics. Felix is married and has two kids. A positive and open-minded attitude keeps him on track and the team motivated even in tough times.


Felix started his academic career as an aerospace engineer at the university of Stuttgart, focusing on electric satellite propulsion systems and lightweight aircraft design. The lightweight aspect led him to his PhD position at the TU München, where he spin-off Cevotec from the institute for carbon composites.

Entrepreneurial Experience

From starting the company from the very first idea until selling the majority of shares generating an exit Felix has gained vast experience. In seven tough years Felix envisioned the company, financed it successfully, grew the team and sold systems to customers. All in all, he knows how to grow and exit a deep tech startup. And this time even bigger.

Professional Experience

Felix dig into basically every aspect of a company and set the foundation for a professional company. His relevant experience covers company strategy, sales, financing, HR, recruiting, legal, IP, technology development and management, product engineering, investor relations, operations and marketing.

Subject Expertise

While working for Nano Dimension Felix was an early employee starting while the process of fundraising was still ongoing. In his position he was in charge of managing the very next production system. This included system requirement engineering, customer interviews, technology scouting, partner and supplier acquisition across Europe, running technical due diligence processes in M&A activities. Also he contribute in moving the German headquarters to Munich and developing the German R&D center.

Pic Florian Vetter

Florian Vetter

Chief Commercial Officer
Short Profile

Florian made a corporate startup grow big as chief commercial officer. He built a great team and pushed a disruptive complex product to market success. He then traveled around Europe with his wife and two kids in a camper van. Now he is ready for a new challenge. He moves things forward, is energetic, creative, and stubborn in a good way. His leadership style is to go ahead and lead by example.


Florian made a German diploma (equals a Master of Science) in Technically Orientated Business Administration at the University of Stuttgart. Followed by a part-time executive degree program in International Management at the Steinbeis University Berlin.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Florian co-founded the corporate startup “Virtuelles Kraftwerk” (Virtual Power Plant) of the EnBW AG. As being responsible for the commercial success he developed and managed the departments communication, marketing, and sales. Under his leadership, the company gained thousands of power plants clients and over a hundred distribution partners. As a great networker he managed to establish thousands of precious contacts in the German renewable industry and was a speaker at various industry events.

Professional Experience

Florian started his career as a consultant doing due diligence for banks on investment projects in the renewable energy industry. After two years, he was promoted and responsible for the consulting projects in the renewable energy industry, leading project teams. He then joined a large utility company, where he initially worked as a project manager and product owner in the product development department before co-founding the above-mentioned corporate startup.

Subject Expertise

Florian has gained vast experience in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Communication. He has shown that he has the spirit to push an innovative and technically complex product to market success. And that he has the leadership qualities to build a motivated and successful team.

Pic Jorin Dinter

Jorin Dinter

Chief Operating Officer
Short Profile

Jorin was managing director of an automotive supplier in Mexico. Coming home, he co-founded a startup which he made grow as COO. He is married and has two kids. As an automotive engineer, he is driven by efficiency and loves streamlined, flawless processes. He always stays on top of things, is reliable as clockwork and pushes himself and the team forward.


Jorin holds a German university-diploma (equivalent to M.Eng.) in automotive engineering from the University of Stuttgart and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Jorin co-founded two companies in bootstrapping-mode: one in the industrial additive manufacturing sphere that failed in early 2020 as projects were cancelled amid COVID-19 lockdowns, and one in mobility management and technology that he made grow successfully as COO, sold his stake in and exited successfully in September 2022.

Professional Experience

Jorin started his career as a management trainee at Bosch, completing a 24-month rotational assignment in Germany and Turkey. He then took on a position as managing director of an automotive supplier in Puebla, Mexico, producing lost cores of salt for piston casting in the automotive industry, a very demanding clientele. After returning to Germany in 2018, he co-founded the two companies mentioned above.

Subject Expertise

Coming from a world where 3.4 defects per million parts are considered to be the upper limit of what is acceptable, where process stability, reliability and effectiveness are everything, Jorin brings this mindset along to every venture. He gained extensive expertise in industrial additive manufacturing in his first start-up, matching requirements and expectations of medium-sized companies with the possibilities and constraints of the latest AM technologies available. In his role as COO of his second startup, he gained extensive expertise in product development and agile software development while overseeing day-to-day operations.

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