3D-printers for groundbreaking electronic devices

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Transforming the way electronic devices are designed and made

3D-printing allows for direct, twisted, coaxial and shielded routing, bus structures and embedded components - and circuit bodies in almost any shape!
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Pushing boundaries in RF applications

by making the manufacturing of geometrically complex structures simple

Benefits of 3D-printing RF applications include:

  • Printing of passive RF components into the circuit body
  • Impedance controlled routing and less crosstalk
  • Almost any geometry and interconnect architecture is possible
  • Printed resistors have shown better RF properties than SM resistors (esp. termination) in various applications
  • No fiber weave effects causing problems especially in the GHz range
  • The dielectric properties of substrates can be be tuned, both high and low permittivity materials can be used
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Ultra Fast Prototyping

Inhouse PCB manufacturing within hours

Just as regular 3D-printers are ubiquitous in R&D departments today, 3D-printer for electronics will be in a few years.

Benefits of 3D-printing prototypes include:

  • Design without layer constraints of a regular PCB layout
  • Designs and IP stay in-house, do not need to be sent to EMS provider
  • Produce complex, multi-layer devices over night, instead of waiting for days or weeks
  • Fast design iterations and reduced time-to-market
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Introducing the ae1

Printing fully functional electronic devices on a research budget - available 2024

The ae1 AME printer comes with everything you need to start printing functional devices within days, not months.

Our unique materials & process technology allows for so far unreached solderability, conductivity and robustness.

From initial setup to part, we’ve thought it through: even the ink management is hassle-free.

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